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Promotional speakers are unique and fun promotional gifts. We supply a range of mini speakers, mobile speakers and Bluetooth speakers for you to choose from.

Top Speakers:

  • Orb Speaker
  • iFidelity Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker
  • Good Vibrations Speaker


Orb Speaker

The Orb Speaker is a compact speaker that collapses and expands. It is available in black or white and includes a 3.5mm audio cable that fits into most audio devices. Also includes a USB recharging cable. View Orb Speakers

Orb Mobile Speakers Cape Town


iFidelity Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker

The iFidelitySoundwave Bluetooth Speaker is an awesome wireless speaker with great sound. These Bluetooth speakers can connect to devices such as an iPhone, iPod or Android device to stream music. It also features a handy microphone, allowing you to answer calls straight from the speaker. View iFidelity Bluetooth Speakers.

Bluetooth Speakers Cape Town


Good Vibrations Speaker

This is a mini speaker that plugs straight into your phone or audio device and amplifies your sound. This is a cost-effective promotional speaker that makes a great gift. View Good Vibrations Speaker.

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