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Full Colour Lanyards Cape Town

Full Colour Lanyards Cape Town South Africa- A popular promotional item, this is the full colour lanyard. Ideal for conferences and promotions, this is a cost-effective branded item.

Full Colour Digital Printed Lanyards
Reasons why this is a great branded lanyard

  • Proudly manufactured in Cape Town
  • Full colour digital print
  • Quick turn around time

Locally made in South Africa, these high quality lanyards have a wonderfully quick lead time, excellent as a branded conference item.

These lanyards are made from a smooth satin material, allowing for a strong design.

The perfect item for keeping ID cards or keys at an arm’s reach.
Used daily at most offices or institutions, this is an efficient way of keeping important items close at hand over the day. Used mostly for keys, ID cards and USBs, these hang comfortably around your neck for easy carrying.

These are ideal cost-effective items that can be branded with your logo or creative design. A simple way to achieve eye catching promotional items for staff.

Whether as a staff item or promotional giveaway, this is an awesome way to market your vibrant brand image. A high quality lanyard that is very popular as part of a university welcome packet, these are great for marketing your vibrant brand.

E-mail now to get a quote on these full colour lanyards. Or phone us on 0861 111 954.  


Safety Boots Cape Town

Safety Boots Cape Town South Africa- SABS approved safety boots are perfect corporate items for roadworks or construction. With a sturdy design, this is a well-priced entry level boot for manual labour work industries. These are the perfect corporate work wear options for your on-site labourers.

Defender Safety Boots

3 Reasons why this is a hardy safety boot option

  • SABS approved
  • Protective steel toecap
  • Dual density PU sole

Other features include:

  • Acid resistant
  • Oil resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Anti-static inner
  • Heat resistant up to 90 degrees
  • Sizes from 1-13


Barron Safety Boots Cape Town

The only entry level boot with SABS approval, that we know of, this is a wonderfully cost-effective work wear item for your team. With a sturdy design, these awesome boots are ideal for improving safety around your workers in day to day construction.

The Defender Safety Boots are foot wear options made from genuine leather. A perfect corporate footwear option for construction or outdoor work, these high quality boots have a sturdy PU sole and steel toecap for the best possible grip and protection on-site.

Get the best quality corporate foot wear for your workers. E-mail us on to get a quote from the professionals.


BIC Pens Cape Town

BIC Pens Cape Town South Africa- A great promotional item for any occasion, perfect for office stationary or giveaways to schools and universities, these cost-effective printed BIC pens Cape Town offer high quality BIC products for your office branding solutions. The most popular BIC promotional pens, a common item used on a day to day basis around the working environment, these are simple marketing tools that show your brand proudly throughout your business.

BIC Stic Printed Pen

3 Reasons why this is a great branded pen

  1. One colour print on the barrel
  2. Mix and match clip and plug colours
  3. Cost-effective branded item

The best promotional pens around, from a world-renowned brand, these BIC Pens Cape Town make for great day to day items for the office. 

With mix and match cap and plug colours, these are great every day office items that can be suited perfectly to your brand. A fantastic item that can have branding in a single colour print on the barrel, as well as a wide range of colours for the barrel, clip and plug, these can be perfectly suited to your professional brand image.

Don’t miss out on these awesome BIC Pens Cape Town, e-mail now to from Brand Innovation.



Barron Clothing Suppliers in Cape Town

Barron Clothing Suppliers in Cape Town South Africa- A much needed item for any corporate gifting or promotional opportunity, a Barron Crew Neck T-Shirt is an ideal way to give staff and customers eye catching, comfortable clothing items to promote your brand endlessly. A great item that is seen everywhere, these high quality clothing items give you a large branding space and a comfortable t shirt option for the daily grind.


barron shirts
Barron Crew Neck T-Shirt
3 Reasons why this is a great branded t shirt option

  1. Nineteen colour options
  2. 100% super carded cotton
  3. Ample room for branding

A perfect way to give staff durable and high quality clothing options, these t-shirts can have branding all over, with multiple options for branding style and layout. A fantastic on site promotional tool that puts a face to a name in the real world, these are comfortable enough for staff to wear every day, and the durable design means less wear and tear, creating a strong branded item that can perfectly promote your vibrant brand.
Don’t miss out on these awesome t-shirts from premium Barron Clothing Suppliers in Cape Town, e-mail now to order yours.


Swivel USB

Swivel USB South Africa- A wonderful branded USB flash drive, a very popular corporate memory stick option for promotions, this awesome Swivel USB is a stunning engraved gift that is great to use as a staff gift or promotional giveaway item.

These awesome devices can even be preloaded with the data you want to share and promote. Available in a range of sizes when ordering in bulk, presented in a neat plastic case, these are ideal branded items to have close at hand around the office.

3 Reasons why this is a great branded USB

  1. Standard 4GB size- larger sizes on order
  2. Free lanyard and USB attachment
  3. Engraved logo on swivel clip

A great looking USB option that can be engraved with your creative brand logo, this is a popular USB gift option that comes in handy non-stop around the office.

Perfect as a stylish promotional gift, these come in a standard 4GB size but can be ordered in larger sizes. With a free lanyard and a plastic presentation case, these are great looking branded USBs that are perfect for the professional office space.

Don’t miss out on the amazing Swivel USB, e-mail now to order yours.


Brand Name Corporate Gifts

Brand Name Corporate Gifts South Africa- Brand Innovation is a premium supplier of corporate gifting items in South Africa- we are proud to have some of the top international brands in our extensive corporate gifting range. A wonderful selection of clothing, technology and office items, perfect for any branding requirements, these high-quality gifting items are perfect for marketing your custom marketing message and eye-catching brand design. From clothing to technology gifts, this is an all-inclusive collection that has everything you need.

Some of our favourite brand names

3 Reasons why this is a great clothing brand

  1. Great sports clothes
  2. Caps, bags, golf shirts and jackets
  3. Perfect for corporate events

3 Reasons why this is a stunning pen range

  1. Most famous luxury brand
  2. Stunning pens
  3. Effective executive gifts

3 Reasons why this is a perfect technology collection

  1. Power banks and tech bags
  2. Perfect holiday gift idea
  3. Great for the modern businessman

3 Reasons why these are perfect branded gifts

  1. Headphones and speakers
  2. High-quality sound
  3. Comfortable to wear

Don’t miss out on these stunning Brand Name Corporate Gifts from Brand Innovation, e-mail now to order yours.


VIP Gifts for Clients

VIP Gifts for Clients South Africa- A brand new range at Brand Innovation, the Ray-Ban collection is a stunning, world renowned set of sunglasses that are ideal as VIP gifts for clients.

Ray-Bans Cape Town

A functional and thoughtful way to market your brand, these are items to be used on a day to day basis, showing off your high-quality brand alongside a famous name in fashion. Sure to be shown off daily, these are fantastic branded gifts.

Top Selling Ray-Bans in Cape Town:

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses
3 Reasons why this is a perfect VIP gift

  1. Range of vibrant colurs and styles
  2. Lenses vary according to style
  3. Includes a handy carry case

Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal Sunglasses
3 Reasons why these are perfect fashions gifts

  1. Metal frames
  2. An iconic Ray-Ban style
  3. Ray-Ban logo on lens and carry case

Ray-Ban Justin Sunglasses
3 Reasons why these are popular sunglasses

  1. Sturdy plastic frames
  2. Gradient lenses
  3. One of the most popular sunglasses shapes

Don’t miss out on these awesome Ray-Ban sunglasses, e-mail now to order your VIP Gifts for Clients.


Backpacks Cape Town

Backpacks Cape Town South Africa- A useful item that is wonderful to give out as a branded staff or client gift, a durable backpack is a firm favourite for end of year gift ideas throughout the corporate world.

A great way to market your brand through functional gifting and meaningful interaction, this is an item sure to be seen all over the show. A great way to make sure your brand is a daily occurrence in the lives of clients and customers, a branded backpack is the perfect corporate gifting item.

Our favourite printed backpacks:

Quebec Backpack
3 Reasons why this is a great printed backpack

  1. Large branding area on the front face
  2. Available in 10 colour options
  3. Six, nine or full-colour branding depending on style

Cobalt Backpack
3 Reasons why this is a good staff gift

  1. Adjustable shoulder straps with designer detail
  2. Padded back for extra comfort
  3. Comes in six colour options

Sahara Backpack
3 Reasons why this is an awesome marketing backpack

  1. Two front zip compartments
  2. Six colour screen print or nine colour embroidery on the front
  3. Available in 10 vibrant colour options

Don’t miss out on these brilliant branded backpacks. E-mail to order yours today.


AIDS Day Gifts Cape Town

AIDS Day Gifts Cape Town South Africa- A brilliant symbol of awareness item that is synonymous with World AIDS Day, the Red AIDS Ribbon is the perfect giveaway item for staff and clients. A small, pin-on item to wear on a daily basis, this an ideal promotional item for World AIDS Day 2015.


Aids Red Ribbons Cape Town

What makes this such a great AIDS Day item:

  • Cost-effective
  • Perfect giveaway item
  • The international symbol for the fight against AIDS
  • Pin to a bag or jersey

The Red AIDS Ribbon is the worldwide symbol for awareness around HIV and AIDS. A recognisable item, this is the best way to spread consistent awareness throughout your corporate family and the world around you.

Don’t miss out on the awesome Red AIDS Day Ribbon, e-mail now to order your promotional AIDS Day items.


Warning Triangles

Warning Triangle South Africa- Brand Innovation is a proud bulk supplier of the Emergency Warning Triangle. An item that is a must have for South African motorists according to law, Emergency Warning Triangle is a collapsible emergency triangle for road side safety issues or break downs.


emergency warning triangle

A brilliant little helper that folds up into a neat little carry bag for ease of use, this item has reflective strips allowing for clear visibility at night time or in poor conditions- a must have when dealing with roadside trouble. A way to warn other motorist of your situation, this is important for the safety of all road users in South Africa, allowing them to recognise hazards in the road and act in time, accordingly. This is what is needed for every person to play their part ion road safety in South Africa.

This Emergency Warning Triangle is also available in a handy set, the Emergency Breakdown Kit 3. This easy to use, much needed kit with everything you need for a road side emergency, is a brilliant way to ensure you have everything you need right in your car. With most of these items being required by law, it is an all-important kit that motorists must have with them at all times.

Features of the warning triangle breakdown kit:

  • 1 x Warning Triangle
  • 1 x Jumper Cables
  • 1 x Tow Rope
  • 1 x Torch
  • 1 x Pliers
  • 1 x Screw Driver
  • 1 x Electrical Tape
  • 1 x Anytime First Aid Kit

Be sure to get around safely, make sure you have all you need to set off on the roads. Get your Emergency Warning Triangle now, e-mail


Bamboo USB Flash Drive

Bamboo USB Flash Drives Cape Town - A brilliant eco-friendly flash drive that is sure to leave a lasting impression on clients and customers alike, the Bamboo USB Flash Drive is an incredibly useful memory stick that allows for an environmentally friendly branded gift.


Bamboo USB

This awesome device features:

  • Made from eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo
  • Range of memory capacities (4GB standard size)
  • USB Dimensions: 6 x 2.7cm

A great item to give out when promoting sustainable business and business practices, this is a cost-effective way of promoting your brand ethos as well as your attitude towards social problems in the world. A useful item that comes in use every day, this works wonders as a staff gift around the office, or even as a thoughtful giveaway item for clients.

An efficient way to promote your brand through meaningful interaction, this little USB has daily uses in and around the office. A great way to give your employees a stylish solution to data storage, this is a modern gift that is sure to be loved by all.

A stunning promotional item that sends out a positive message about your brand and its marketing efforts, this is a brilliant way to connect with those around you, aligning yourself with their interests and beliefs to achieve an effective marketing campaign.

Don’t miss out on these awesome Bamboo USBs, order yours from now.


Custom USB Flash Drives Cape Town

Custom USB Flash Drives Cape Town - An awesome corporate gifting option that is certain to be a hit, the Custom USB Flash Drive is a fun and unique creative item that lets you create a promotional gift in any shape you need. A brilliant gift that can be made into a clever marketing item that can be used on a day to day basis.


custom shape usbs Cape Town

Custom USB Features:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Can be made into any shape you require
  • Available in various chip sizes: 2GB-32GB

Order now to prevent delays
Minimum order quantity: 200
Lead time: approximately 4 weeks

A brilliant little device that has daily uses throughout work and education, this is a great promotional item that also gives you a cost-effective marketing tool for your company. Whether giving to staff as an office gift, or as a giveaway item at events, a well-designed USB flash drive is a highly useful promotional item for all occasions.

With countless ways to brand this creative marketing tool, this can be made to the form of your product or your logo, giving you a creative gift item that can clearly and efficiently promote your brand image. A long lasting, durable gift to say the least, this is an ideal way to get people interested in your brand and its product offering.

An item that leaves a lasting impression on your clients and staff members, this item can be used throughout the day, every day.
Don’t miss out on these amazing branded gifts, e-mail now to order.


Flask and Mug Sets in Cape Town

Flask and Mug Set Cape Town - A great way to gift clients, especially before the festive season, a branded flask and mug set is a simple yet elegant promotional gift that is fantastic to have for picnics or the cold winter morning drive to work.


The Bushking Corporate Gift Flask and Set

Flask and Mug Corporate Gifts

A great set that is presented in a wonderful branded carry bag, the Cardinal Flask & Mug Set is a modern looking product that comes with a flask and two matching mugs.
This awesome set features:

  • Thermal Flask Size: 22 h
  • Material: stainless steel
  • 0.5 L capacity
  • two mugs with 0.28L capacity
  • PP plastic lid and a PP plastic Handle
  • carry bag size: 14.5 ( w ) x 5.8 (d ) x 27 ( h )
  • BPA Free

A stainless steel set with a stunning matte black finish, all the items in the set can be branded with your logo or brand name for a complete promotional gifting solution. The mugs have anti-spill lids for a mess-free travelling experience, and the high-quality material ensures your beverage will always be wonderfully warm.

A simpler branded gift option, the Admiral Flask & Mug Set is a good-looking, stainless steel set that is perfect for roughing it out in the wilderness. A stunning set that is available in blue or plain stainless steel, all items in the set have large areas for your corporate branding. Including a durable carry bag this set is a promotional gift that is sure to catch anyone’s eye. A great way to connect with clients in a meaningful way, this is a clean cut set that will come in handy throughout the holiday period.

A more functional flask and mug set option, a definite option for the travelling or outdoors enthusiast, the Bushking Flask & Mug Set is a stunning stainless steel set perfect for your corporate branding.
Bushking features:

  • Flask: stainless steel inner & outer
  • Capacity: 0.5L / 500ml
  • Flask Size: 24.5 ( h )
  • 2 x mugs: stainless steel inner and outer
  • with carabiner clip mug handles
  • Mug capacity: 0.22L / 200ml
  • Mug size: 8.2 ( h )
  • Both mugs and Flask are BPA free
  • Packaging: 28.5 ( l ) x 23.5 ( w ) x 8 ( h )

A beautiful set that can be branded all over, this is an ideal gift for the men in the office. With carabiner mugs that can latch onto your belt or bag, this is a great gift to give- especially before the holiday season. Presented in a stunning box, this set for two is the best way to enjoy a steamy cup of coffee in the great outdoors.
Don’t miss out on these amazing branded gifts from Brand Innovation, order yours today from


Picnic Backpacks Cape Town

Picnic Backpacks Cape Town South Africa- A good-looking branded item can strengthen business relationships as well as encourage a positive attitude going into the next year. Whether an item for staff, clients or to giveaway, a meaningful promotional item allows for personal interaction with a company.


An unbelievable branded gift for the holiday season, the Bastille Picnic Bag is a great looking end of year gift option that comes in handy time and time again.

Bastille Picnic Backpack

Features of this awesome bag:

  • 4 X White Melamine Plates
  • Stainless Steel Forks, Knives & Spoons
  • 4 X Black & White Checked Napkins
  • 4 X White Plastic Handle
  • 4 X Solid White Melamine Tumblers

A wonderfully useful item that is great to have over the holiday season, this is perfect for picnicking in the park on a warm summers day or taking a trip to the beach to put your feet in the sea. A brilliant item for the Cape Town culture, this is all you need for your favourite Kirstenbosch concert or cheese and wine festival.

With a large area available for branding and promotional printing, as well as giving you everything you need to enjoy your day out with loved ones, this is a very popular end of year gifting item that clients will adore. A clever zip up bag with compartments, this makes for an unbelievable branded gift that is sure to be used regularly over the holiday period.

Other picnic backpacks and bags available:

For these amazing branded end of year gift ideas, e-mail now to order.



Colour Changing Coffee Mugs

Colour Changing Coffee Mugs Cape Town - A wonderful creative gift for the office or even as a client gift, a colour changing mug is a simple yet fun item that looks stunning. A type of mug that changes colour and reveal the print when a hot beverage is added, this allows for creative branding opportunities that are eye-catching and memorable. A great way to give out a fairly cost-effective, yet still efficient marketing item, a colour changing mug can be the perfect item for your vibrant brand.


The Chameleon Colour Changing Mug with Spoon

colour changing coffee mugs

A brilliant colour changing mug option, the Chameleon Mug is an awesome mug with a colour matching spoon that fits right into the handle. A brilliant two-tone design that gives you a wonderful custom gift for staff and clients, this mug option is perfect to have around the office. A wonderful and effective promotional item that is sure to be used as much as possible, the fantastic Chameleon mug offers a brilliant creative gift that can be used in a multitude of marketing situations.


Transition Colour Changing Mug

Transition Colour Changing Mugs

Another awesome colour changing mug, a brand new item to hit our shelves, the Transition Colour Changing Mug uses heat sensitive technology to change the outer wall of the mug when a hot beverage is added. A brilliant and clever branded gift that will not soon be forgotten, this amazing new product offers the chance for a custom, creative gift that you cannot find anywhere else. A brilliant way to give back to staff, employees love having branded mugs around the office to strengthen comradery. As a client gift, this acts as a highly effective and fun marketing tool that is sure to be used.

Don’t miss out on these amazing products, e-mail to order now.


Best End of Year Gift Ideas for 2015

Best End of Year Gift Ideas for 2015 South Africa- For the best end of year gift ideas of 2015 trust Brand Innovation as a premier corporate supplier and branding company in South Africa. An end of year gift is an all-important part of any marketing campaign.


A way to connect with clients and staff members in a meaningful way, an end of year gift winds down the year on a good note and raises spirits for the year ahead.

The ultimate holiday gift for many, the Polaris Power Bank & Speaker is a great 2-in-1 combination that makes for a fantastic branded gift. Not only is this awesome device a handy portable charger with 4400mAh, but it also acts as a powerful speaker for your mobile device. A good-looking item that is sure to turn heads, this is the perfect item to brand as it is sure to be used regularly- acting as a consistent marketing tool for your brand.


braai tongs with light
Another wonderful holiday gift, perfect for a corporate end of year gift, the Braai Tongs with Light is a handy braai tool, and the perfect gift for the South African man. This stylish yet functional tool has a comfortable grip and with the easy to us torch in the middle, this is the perfect thing to have around the braai. With subtle branding and an item that is sure to be used time and time again, this is not only an ideal gift for staff, but also makes for a clever and unique marketing tool.

Moleskine Notebooks Cape Town
Lastly, a more formal gift option, yet the perfect way to keep organized. The Molskine Notebook is a functional and useful branded gift item that helps anyone to keep up to date over the holiday period. Branding is available in a selection of printing, embossing and foiling, all with a stunning finished look that is perfect for the corporate gift at the end of the year.

For your own branded end of year gifts, from a selection of our amazing product range, e-mail


Executive Gifts for End of Year

Choosing an end of year gift for executive clients and staff members can often be a tricky task to undertake. An act that can ensure a positive future and business relationship in many respects, the item must allow for a great branding tool as well as a useful and functional product that clients can show off.


This is why your corporate branding and marketing products must perfectly encompass the work your brand does, as well as show off the ethos and underlying culture of your brand within the South African business world.

Executive End of Year Gift Ideas:

  • Mug and Flask Set
  • Sheaffer Pens
  • Power Banks

Mug and Flask Set

A good gift to give closing in on summer and picnic time around South Africa, the Cardinal Flask and Mug Set is a well-designed thermal set that is a wonderful branded gift for executives. With its sleek black and stainless steel finish set includes a thermos, two mugs with spill proof lids, as well as a branded carry bag, giving you a great, convenient mug and flask set perfect for a Sunday picnic in the park or even for warm, early morning coffee during the winter months. With branding allowed on all items in the set, including the bag, this is an all-inclusive marketing gift that is good looking and functional.

corporate gift mug and flask

Sheaffer Pens

An opulent office gift choice that is sure to draw attention, the Sheaffer Sentinel Brushed Chrome Golf Trim Pen is an elegant and sophisticated writing piece, perfect for a long lasting impression on any important client. This well designed pen is a statement of true class and quality in the business world, drawing a link between the quality of the pen and the unfaltering quality of your brand, a constant and effective reminder of what your brand does, as well as the emphasis it puts on client and customer relations. The perfect marketing tool for the executive brand and client base, this pen can be stunningly engraved with your brand name or logo- as can the plaque on the presentation box- making it a sleek and sexy marketing tool.

Sheaffer Pens

Power Banks

Another item perfect for the executive end of year gift, the SuperBoost 10000mAh Power Bank is something special from the Brand Innovation range. An executive power bank option, this wonderful device allows you to keep your mobile devices going no matter the situation. Charging everything from phones to tablets, this gives you the power as you can charge wherever you go. With ample room for branding on the face, this is a corporate gift that clients will love. With a daily use, and a brilliant helper during times of loadshedding, a device like this lets you have peace of mind knowing you can always stay connected when you need it.

Super Boost Power Bank

For these and other amazing executive branded products, e-mail us at


End of Year Gifts: Power Banks

A branded power bank makes a stunning end of year gift that is suitable for all clients. We supply a range of great power bank gift sets that include accessories such as stylus pens, car chargers, gadget cases, etc.

A power bank mobile charger is a versatile and useful gadget that can be used to charge your electronic gadgets and cell phone wherever you are. Never worry about a flat battery again!

At Brand Innovation we stock a wide variety of different power banks in various styles, sizes and capacities. Below is a brand new Power Bank and Stylus Pen gift set that supply:

Optimus Power Bank Torch (4000mAh) and Stylus Pen Gift Set

Code: GIFTSET-6050

power bank and stylus pen


Order your power banks now for your year end and avoid dissapointment in November. Contact us via email or give us a call on 0861 111 954.

We deliver your branded gifts and corporate gifts directly to your door, anywhere in Cape Town, South Africa.



Key Flash Drives in Cape Town

Key flash drives Cape Town - The key shaped USB flash drive is a cool new marketing product that your clients will love.

These USB flash drives shaped like a key can fit onto your keyring with the rest of your keys, so you can take it with you wherever you go. These cool USBs can be branded with an engraved logo on either side and makes especially great promotional gifts for comanies in the motorist or property industries.


You can give your clients a cool branded key flash drive along with their brand new house key or car key.

Key shaped USB flash drive

We supply this flash drive in a clear plastic case. We can either brand with a lovely white engraving or a printed logo.

To order your key flash drives in Cape Town or anywhere isn the Western Cape, please contact us now.

For more information on this particular USB drive please visit the key USB website:


Corporate Gift Company in Cape Town

Corporate Gift Company in Cape Town- Brand Innovation is the leading corporate gift company in the Cape Town and the Western Cape.  We have a large variety of products ranging from bags, to office accessories, technology gadgets as well as leisure and outdoor gifts.


If you are looking for the perfect corporate gift, we are the right place for you! Our products come in a variety of colours and we do the personalised branding too.

You can find our offices in 25 Belvedere Road, Southern Suburbs Cape Town.  We deliver throughout Cape Town as well as South Africa.

What are great gifts to give?

If you are looking for gifts for staff, a diary and pen is always needed and will save them the trouble of having to buy it themselves. Pen holders are also fantastic as they help to keep office de cluttered and can be used for other small bits and pieces that manage to make our desks look a mess.

Keyrings are always a great gift to give as they will always be put to use.  Brand Innovation has keyrings that range from bottle openers, to torches, to pens, and even to tape measures. How useful is that??

If you are looking to give a gift to someone who loves the outdoors we have plenty of options available to you too!  When we are away from the office there are a few key items that make our leisure time that much more enjoyable!

A cooler bag is always necessary to keep our snacks and drinks fresh!  We also have a range of outdoor chairs and tables which are perfect for a day out in the park or even the beach.  An umbrella is always necessary for a rainy day. A foldup umbrella can be placed in a bag and left there until it is needed!


We also have a range of women’s gifting products.  From handbags, to manicure sets, or even a 6 piece spa set. Who knew buying something for a lady could be so easy?  If you are looking for something small, a mirror is always great to slip in a handbag or necessary to touch up and look great throughout the day!

We have plenty of other products too. To check them out please visit our other website; Corporate Gifts South Africa.


Year End Gift Ideas for Clients

If you are looking for end of year gifts ideas for your clients, we are here to help.


Year end gifts are an important way to thank you clients for their business throughout the year. Finding the perfect gift for your clients is an important task but one you might not always have time for. That is why we are here to help!

We can put toghether some great gift ideas for you, based on your needs. Simply answer the questions below and we will give you options best suited to your needs.

What are your year end gift requirements?

  • How many units?
  • What is your budget per unit?
  • What type of branding do you require?
  • When do you require these gifts?

To order your year end gifts for clients in Cape Town, email us now or give us a call on 0861 111 954.

We look forward to being of assistance.


Eco Friendly Products Cape Town
Bamboo Promotional Products

We supply eco friendly products in Cape Town, South Africa. Our range of eco promotional products include some awesome bamboo products. These stunning wooden items put a classic twist on going green.


Our Top 3 Bamboo Products:

  • Bamboo USB Flash Drive
  • Unity Bamboo Pen
  • Bamboo Notebook and Pen Set

Bamboo is a renewable resource and it is the fastest growing wood plant on earth. Using Bamboo as an alternative to other trees is a great way to support the environment.

A bamboo USB or pen set makes a great corporate gift for the office. These eco friendly products can be branded with your company logo. Using eco promotional products shows that your company cares about our Earth.

To order your eco friendly promotional products, please email us, or visit our website; Eco Friendly Gifts for more gift ideas. We supply eco products in Cape Town and the Western Cape.



Ladies Winter Jackets

US Basic Hastings Ladies Parka

Brand Innovation is a supplier of ladies Winter jackets in South Africa. The Us Basic ladies Parka is a great winter jacket, loved by all who own one.
It comes in a variety of colours to match any outfit making it a functional corporate gift.

What is a Parka?

A parka is a large windproof jacket with a hood, designed to be worn in cold weather. These jackets look great with embroidery!

What's it this jacket made of?

  • Outer fabric 100% polyester taslon with AC coating
  • Lining of 100% polyester quilted taffeta padding 100% polyester
  • Water resistant fold away hood in collar with drawstring & stoppers
  • Front placket with velcro closures, Adjustable cuffs with velcro
  • Two front pockets
  • Fleece inside collar
  • Inside pocket & mobile phone pocket
  • Zipper in lining to access print & embroidery areas
  • Standard Fit - Follows the shape of the body with added ease of movement.
  • Sizes S-3XL

Who can use a Winter jacket?

A Jacket can be used as corporate clothing to form part of a uniform for a sports team, teachers and tour guides. It can also be used for other outdoor activities. The parka is stylish and figure hugging and will definitely keep you warm in the chilly Winter.

The jacket is popular amongst women of all ages because it is looks good and protects them from the rain.

Branded jackets Cape Town

Jackets are a cool way to brand your company. Every time the jacket is worn it creates brand awareness for your company. There are lots of fun colours to choose from like red, yellow and blue. Embroidery is the best branding option.


Leather Products Cape Town

Leather Products Cape Town - A leather laptop bag is a very stylish and elegant gift in the corporate sphere. Leather laptop bags look executive and understated. Besides that, they also make a practical gift that will be received with opened arms and lots of appreciation. Brand Innovation recommends the Leather Laptop Bag from our range.


  • Code:(brand-4741)
  • Branding recommended: Embossing
  • Available in: Black and Brown

Features of this Leather Laptop Bag:

  • Genuine Leather
  • Main Compartment with Zip
  • Second Compartment for folders or Documents, with Zip
  • Third Compartment with Zip
  • Fits a 15 inch laptop and its accompaniments
  • Collapsible Trolley-handle

Place your order by contacting us at or dialling 0861 111 954 and speaking directly to one of our sales team members. We are always ready to assist you.

Corporate Laptop Bags are amazing, because:

  • Transportation of laptops are now made easier and much more comfortable.
  • They shield your technology and files from the elements.
  • They provide a cushioning effect when in transit, keeping your laptop from getting damaged.
  • They provide ample space for all the goodies that are mostly accompanied with your laptop, like wires, a cordless mouse, USB drives and more...
  • Some may also say that a corporate bag for your Mac or notebooks is fashionable and a trademark of your organised life and professionalism.


These beautiful bags are made of the highest qulaity genuine leather and crafted with detailed workmanship. Brand Innovation Leather Products Cape Town offers embossing as a branding option for these leather laptop bags. Embossing is when an impression of your logo is made in the leather of the bag. It looks very subtle and professional. Another option is to personalise it with names of recipients or their initials, engraved onto metal plaque. This could make a very special gift idea. 


Caps Cape Town

Caps Cape Town - Branded caps are amazing promotional items as they are right on top of the recipient's head, and therefore always in sight. 

Brand Innovation is a bulk supplier of caps and hats to suit your specific needs. We also deliver anywhere in South Africa, straight to your door. 

Today we recommend the US Basic Daytona 6 Panel Cap 

  • Minimum Order QTY: 50 
  • Code: CAP-1005
  • Branding: Embroidery Recommended

Caps Cape Town


Features of these Caps:

  • Colours available: Red, Yellow, Lime, Green, Blue and Purple
  • Made from Twill-Cotton
  • Black Stripe-detail

 To get a quote or order yours now, please contact us by dialling 0861 111 954 or email us by clicking We are always ready to assist you with your marketing campaign and corporate gifts.

Tips on branding your caps:

Who is your target market?

Different types of hats and caps appeal to different kinds of people. To promote your brand or product efficiently, choose a cap that will be well received by your audience and provide exposure.

Connect the cap to your business

If you are a swimwear manufacturer, then distributing branded beanies would be a bit out of character. Always relate your promotional merchandise to your company or services.

Comfort and Quality

Choose the option that will make your target audience WANT to wear your cap. Make sure to choose a cap or hat with great comfort that does not break the bank. Brand Innovation has a wide variety of caps and hats in our range.


Choose a design that will make your brand stand out from the rest. Funny slogans and artistic designs are always a winner. Maybe a fun colour?

At Brand Innovation Caps Cape Town we recommend embroidery of these caps. Embroidery looks amazing and is very durable. It has a neat appearance and will be sure to impress onlookers.


Benefits of Printed BIC Pens

Brand awareness is the core goal of a marketing campaign. And to have success with your promotional endeavours, it is always wise to invest in a product that will make your campaign successful, like printed BIC pens.
Benefits of printed BIC Pens are almost endless, but for your convenience we took some time to list a few:


It is an affordable marketing tool

  • Promotional pens are mostly inexpensive
  • They are a cheaper option than other marketing tools
  • This is a nice way to save on promotional campaigns
  • It is also an investment

Brand consciousness is key

  • Once a branded BIC pen is out in the public people start to notice you brand
  • The more people who see the promo pens, the more exposure your brand gets
  • This leads to the word of your business or services spreading
  • Brand consciousness lead to brand familiarity and brand trust
  • This insures customer loyalty

It is a subtle way of getting noticed

  • It is useful
  • inexpensive
  • and well designed
  • Pens are used constantly
  • Pens change hands regularly
  • Without the, sometimes tedious, effort of other marketing ideas.

It is a tried and tested method that has been used for years. It works and might be one of the promotional items that will never fail us.

At Brand Innovation, one of our best-sellers is the BIC Media Clic Pen.
For quotes and questions, feel free to contact us at
Features of the BIC Media Clic Pen (Code: BICMEDIA)

BIC pens cape Town

  • Modern, sleek design
  • Colours: White, Black, Red, Dark Blue, Metal
  • Click-pen
  • Dimensions 1.3cm W x 14.7cm H
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 250
  • Delivery: 7 - 10 workdays after deposit and artwork approval

These BIC Media Clic pens are great quality writing instruments and perfect for branding.
They are light and provide for a smooth writing experience.
Branding Options:

On the Barrel  - 40mm W x 20mm H - 3 colours
(Prices differ depending on amount of colour used)
Clip - 20mm W x 4mm - 1 colour

A full colour digital wrap option is available. Printing is done at the BIC factory and therefore lead times are a bit longer. Prices differ from normal colour print.
Contact us to order your promotional pens in Cape Town. We are looking forward to assist you.



Rain Jackets Cape Town

Rain jackets are a definite must during winter in Cape Town. Branded rain jackets are a fantastic idea as part of your corporate uniform, especially if your employees are going to be outside.


We are a supplier of rain jackets in Cape Town, and we have a selection of great quality jacket options to choose from.

The US Basic Miami Jacket BAS-819

This promotional jackets are great quality, cost-effective rainproof jackets. This is a lightweight foldable jacket that fits into a handy carry pouch. These jackets can be branded with a printed or embroiderd logo.

Miami Jacket Features:

  • 100% polyester fabric with silver coloured coating
  • lightweight jacket that is foldable
  • includes a carry pouch
  • has a foldaway hood with drawstrings
  • elastic cuffs and hem with drawsting
  • Sizes: S-4XL
  • Colours: blue, red, navy, white, silver, black, orange, green

Rain jackets cape town

Your staff will definitely appreciate a rain jacket in the rainy weather of Cape Town. To order your winter jackets now, please email us at, or phone us on 0861 111 954.

For more great corporate clothing rain jackets, please visit Brand Innovation. We supply branded jackets in Cape Town, South Africa

Mouse Pads Cape Town

A printed mousepad is a popular promotional gift for the office. We supply and manufacture these great dual laminated mousepads with a beautiful full colour print.

A mousepad makes such a great desk gift, because everyone who uses a computer needs a mousepad. It is a useful item that clients and staff will appreciate.

Mouse Pads Cape Town

Our laminated mouse pads are branded with a full colour digital print, which means that we can brand a stunning, eye-catching design for you on these mousepads. A promotional mousepad provides you with great brand exposure that is seen every day for a long time.

Our dual laminated mouse pads have a unique slightly textured surface to give you extra mouse control. The backing of these mousepads is a thin layer or rubber that grips to the desk or surface.

A Printed Mouse Pad is a Great Promotional Gift Because;

  • It is used everyday
  • Constant brand exposure
  • Kept on your client or staff's desk for a long time
  • Great value for money

To order your mouse pads in Cape Town, South Africa, please email us at We deliver throughout the Western Cape.



Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It is 2014 and we are looking forward to a great new year filled with new opportunities and growth for us and our clients.

May this year be the year prosperous and filled with happiness.

We are greatful for the support from all of our clients during 2013, and we look forward do doing lots of new business with you in 2014. We are here to assist with promotional products and corporate gifts for any events throughout the year ahead.

Have a great 2014.

Happy New Year


Promotional Sunscreen

Promotional sunscreen is a perfect way to promote your brand.

Think about it? It is summer time in Cape Town and people are flooding to the beaches.
What I have learned from beach outings are that somebody always forgets their sunblock. This makes promotional sunscreen a perfect giveaway idea for advertising. The recipients will use it while outdoors and remember your name and services.
Order and brand your Shield Sunblock (HWB-9500) at Brand Innovation now - HERE

Branded Sunscreen Sunblock

Features of the Shield Sunblock: SPF 25

  • Volume 30ml
  • Plastic Bottle
  • Comes with a colour dispense cap
  • Colours available: Red
  • Dimensions 9.5cm x 4.5cm x 2.5cm
  • Comes with a matching quickdraw-clip
  • Min. Order QTY is 250 units

Branding Features:

  • High quality printing for awesome graphics
  • Full colour, 45mm x 30mm
  • Free artwork setup
  • Delivery between 7-10 days after artwork approval

This soothing promotional sunscreen is a great item for giving away at:

  • Beaches
  • Hotels
  • Trade Shows
  • Outdoor Events
  • Schools
  • Recreational Centres
  • Health Stores
  • Cosmetic Shops
  • Salons

A study done by the Skincare Cancer Foundation suggest that 90% of non-malignant cancers and 65% of malignant cancers are related to exposure to the sun's UV rays.
By distributing promotional sunscreen you don't just make people aware of your brand. You also become a pro-active voice in the support of skin cancer awareness.
Showing you care about your clients and potential clients might just ensure brand loyalty and promotion.


Picnic Baskets in Cape Town

Brand Innovation is proud to supply cool picnic baskets in Cape Town.
A picnic basket is a perfect year end gift. It comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes comes with extras. Be sure to check that out!
Click HERE to see Brand Innovation's beautiful range.
The Vinyard Picnic Cooler (COOL-12) is a great example.

picnic baskets Cape Town

Features of the Vinyard Picnic Cooler:

  • Stained fern and bamboo Outer
  • Aluminium foil-lined Inner
  • Inner is also a cooler-compartment
  • Dimensions: 25 ( w ) x 15 ( d ) x 32.5 ( h )
  • PLUS, one wine bottle-holder, removable
  • Grab-handle for carrying
  • And a shoulder strap, adjustable

This Vinyard Picnic Basket and Cooler INCLUDES:

  • 2 Teaspoons
  • 2 Knives
  • 2 Forks
  • 2 Plastic Wine Goblets
  • 1 Wooden Cheeseboard

This picnic basket is a functional corporate gift. It can be used in almost any outdoor setting when needed.
It would make a very stylish corporate gift. It looks outstanding and yet understated.
Branding of these special gifts is also available at Brand Innovation:

  • Engraving of a special plaque to be attached on the fern and bamboo outer
  • Or, when possible, embroidery on the shoulder strap
  • Ask our friendly staff to assist you with branding options

We aim for the best leading times.
Delivery takes about 7 to 10 days after artwork approval. We deliver anywhere in South Africa.

Email us  Brand Innovation  to place your orders now. Feel free to contact us with any queries about the Vinyard Picnic Cooler or any other products we offer.


Branded Beach Umbrellas

If you are looking for a great way to advertise your brand in Cape Town this summer, the obvious way to go is Branded Beach Umbrellas.

branded beach umbrellas cape town

Why is it a great promotional item idea?

  • A branded beach umbrella can be used at the beach or at public pools.
  • Or even as wind-guard on those cooler days.
  • This ensures continuous exposure of your brand.
  • They look colourful and fun. People will be interested.
  • If necessary they can act as a temporary rain umbrella when unexpected weather hits.

Brand Innovation is a supplier of beach umbrellas. We offer branding of these promotional items as well.
The Polyester Beach Umbrella (Amcam54623):

  • Size: 145cm x 170cm
  • Alternating white and colour panels
  • Colours Available: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue
  • Branding size: 20cm x 20cm
  • Min. Order QTY: 100

beach umbrella colours

Summer is upon is in Cape Town and people are swarming to the beaches and other outdoor places.
Using a branded beach umbrella as a promotional item provides optimal exposure.
They are versatile, cost-efficient and give your brand the advertising you want.
Everybody either uses an umbrella or needs one. Add your company's logo and BOOM, you have the perfect branded item not only for summer but also winter.
And what makes it so great is that it can be used by anyone.
Contact us at Brand Innovation by clicking this link to order your Branded Beach Umbrellas now. We distribute to anywhere in South Africa.



Branded Beach Balls

Branded Beach Balls are a perfect way of promoting your brand over the summer holidays.
The beach ball we are highlighting today is the Amcam51029.
Branding these beach balls is a cost-effective way of promoting your brand.
You get value for your money.
You get amazing exposure.
At the beach. At public pools. Almost anywhere outdoor.
The branded beach ball is a great promotional item to keep your brand out in public and appreciated.


beach balls cape town
This promotional item creates an opportunity for your brand, company or logo to be recognised daily as masses of people flood to outdoor places to enjoy the sun.
Features of the Beach Ball (Amcam51029):

  • Segment Length: 40cm
  • Colours available: Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Blue, Purple, Green
  • Print size: 6cm x 4cm
  • This ball only takes a one colour print
  • Beach ball is free of Phthalate
  • Min. Order QTY: 100
  • Delivery: usually within 7-10 working days after artwork approval

These balls come in vibrant colours which is an awesome way to attract the attention of people.
This makes for a great way to get people to look at your promotional items and make them aware of your brand.

beach ball colours
Your branded beach ball is likely to be used again and again.
Contact us at Brand Innovation by clicking HERE  Our staff will gladly assist you with any queries. Be sure to order your Branded Beach Balls now.


Moleskine A5 Notebook Supplier in Cape Town

If you are trying to find Moleskine A5 Notebook Suppliers you have come to the right place!
A Moleskine journal is a sophisticated executive gift.
This hard-cover, lined notebook is our best-selling item from Moleskine.


Moleskine Notebooks in Cape Town

Features of the best-selling Moleskine A5 Notebook:

  • A5, Lined
  • Hardbound cover
  • Rounded corners
  • Acid-free paper
  • Bookmark ribbon
  • Elastic band for closure
  • Inner Pocket
  • Size: 13cm x 21cm

Possible Branding Options:

  • Embossing
  • Printing
  • Silver or Gold foiling

The design is exemplary. It is the notebook of all notebooks.
This Moleskine journal in A5 will look awesome with your branded logo.
Brand Innovation takes great pride in supplying you with a noteworthy brand like Moleskine.

Your embossed logo will look classy and understated. We recommend embossing.
The Moleskine notebook would make a distinguished executive gift.
It creates a long-lasting impression.

To order your Moleskine Notebooks in Cape Town, please email us at

Corporate Gift Supplier Cape Town

Our aim is to provide corporate branded and business gifts in Cape Town and the Western Cape at a great price.
At the same time giving you wonderful, friendly service.
We love to delight our clients and to keep you assisting you with your branded items and marketing products forever.

There are many companies supplying corporate gifts, but we truly believe that we are the best in the industry. We will help you efficiently, quickly and help you as best we can. If there is not enough time for us to delivery your order, we will not accept the job.
So you will know exactly how we can assist you.
Our aim at Brand Innovation is to be the corporate gift company of choice. We will always try to give you the most suitable products for your need at a great price.

Another benefit of dealing with us is that our team is big enough so that there is always back up, but not too big to make business impersonal. We really care about our clients and about delivering the best corporate gifts on time.
We delivery nationwide and have an administrative office in the Southern Suburbs in Claremont, Cape Town. We also have distribution centres in Johannesburg and Durban.
So if you are looking for any branded gifts, corporate gifts and general end of year gift ideas in Cape Town, please do give us a call. We will be ready and willing to assist you and to deliver the best service ever.
Our aim is to give you peace of mind.

Thank you for visiting the Corporate Gifts Cape Town website


Umbrella Suppliers Cape Town

Are you looking for branded umbrellas in Cape Town?

Cape Town is a beautiful city, we all know that. With living here, comes the need to have an umbrella handy for many months of the year.
The day can start with sunshine and end with rain, so we need to be prepared at all times.
We stock a large variety of awesome umbrellas to suit every taste.

The best is an umbrella is a beautiful branding opportunity for your company logo!
Orders yours now by emailing us at  


Luxury Corporate Gifts Cape Town

Montblanc Pens Cape Town, South Africa

Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of Montblanc pens in Cape Town, South Africa. We are proud to be a distributor of this elite, world renowned brand.
Montblanc pens are the best of the best. Hand crafted with great attention to detail and excellent quality, these pens are premier writing instruments that make the perfect luxury gifts.

Receiving a Montblanc pen as a gift is an honour and your clients will always remember who gave them their pen.

The Montblanc Starwalker Midnight Black Ballpoint Pen

This Montblanc pen is a beautiful and elegant writing instrument with a stunning black precious resin barrel and ruthenium plated rings and clip. These pens are presented in a Montblanc gift box. We can add an engraved metal plaque into the gift box.

Montblanc Pens Cape Town

If you are looking for luxury corporate gifts, please contact us on 0861 111 954

Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts Cape Town

Bamboo USB Flash Drive

Eco Friendly corporate gifts are becoming more and more popular, and at Brand Innovation we offer a fantastic range of eco products. One of our best selling eco friendly items is our Bamboo USB Flash Drive.

This eco technology USB has a casing made of renewable and sustainable bamboo. This bamboo cover gives these flash drives a unique natural feel. The bamboo USBs can be branded with a printed logo and includes a presentation box.


Eco Friendly Bamboo Memory Stick

To order your bamboo USB flash drives please email us at We supply these awesome eco products in Cape Town, Wouth Africa. For more great green products, please go to

Christmas Gift Ideas Cape Town South Africa

Sheaffer Pens Cape Town

A wonderful Christmas Gift Idea for anyone is a beautiful pen. We have a wonderful selection for you. One of the top companies in South Africa has just re ordered the Sheaffer 300 Black with Gold Trim. The head of the company is someone with impeccable taste and style and after the success of the first order has requested a second order be placed.

We love the Sheaffer brand of pens and are proud to offer this amazing brand to you. For many years now, the Sheaffer brand has been a premium brand in our stable of brands. Below please see some top selling Sheaffer Pen options.

The Sheaffer Sentinel SS CT

Sheaffer Stainless Steel CT Ballpoint Pen

The Sheaffer Sentinel SS GT

Sheaffer Stainless Steel Gold Trim Ballpoint Pen

Sheaffer 300 Glossy Black

Sheaffer 300 Glossy Black Ballpoint Pen


Golf Shirt Suppliers Cape Town

Slazenger Golf Shirts

We are a supplier of Slazenger Golf Shirts in Cape Town.  A Golf shirt is a popular clothing item for events and as part of a corporate uniform. Slazenger golf shirts are beautiful, high-quality golf shirts that are perfect for embroidery.

Slazenger Cotton Golf Shirt - Dorma Slaz-803

The Slazenger Cotton Golf Shirt is our most popular corporate clothing golf shirt. This great golfer is made of a 100% cotton with a 220g/m2 weight, These awesome shirts are available in various beautiful colours. This golf shirt is available in a ladies and mens style

Slazenger Golf Shirts Cape Town


We supply these branded golf shirts in Cape Town, South Africa. To order your fantastic Slazenger shirts, please email us at We look forward to being of assistance.


Umbrella Suppliers Cape Town

Are you looking for umbrellas in Cape Town?

We can help! We have a wide selection of umbrellas to suit your every need.
From pop up umbrellas for ladies to awesome windproof golf umbrellas for men and women.
Then we also have businessmen umbrellas which are smart and black, and finally, let's not forget our beach umbrellas.
Summer is on the way and your brand will look fabulous spread across every beach in South Africa!

So don't delay, order your beach umbrella's today!
Corporate Gifts Cape Town is waiting to assist you with your umbrella orders in Cape Town, South Africa!

Umbrella Suppliers Cape Town


Creative Corporate Gift Ideas Cape Town

Magnetic Memo Men

This Magnetic Memo Men desk set is a fun and funky new corporate gift idea. This set contains a magnetic base with eight metal memo clips in various different colours. This creative gift is sure to brighten any desk. We can brand these great memo sets with your company logo to make the perfect office gift.

Magnetic Memo Men Creative Gifts Cape Town

To order your great Memo Men disk gifts, please email us at We supply these great memo sets and other creative corporate gifts in Cape Town, South Africa.  


Safety First - A Great Gift Idea

The Mini First Aid Kit

The Mini First Aid Kit is an awesome and unique corporate gift idea. Giving one of these little promotional first aid kits to your clients is a great way to show them that your company cares about their well-being. Our mini first aid kits contain basic first aid contents for minor injuries. 

Mini First Aid Kit with Logo

Having a first aid kit handy at all times is a great idea. We brand these first aid kits with your company logo to make the perfect promotional gift.

The Mini First Aid Kit is available in a standard blue or red bag, but for bigger order, we can manufacture any colour bag that you require.

We supply these promotional first aid kits throughout South Africa. Email us at to order your kits now. 


Great Corporate Gift Specials USB Pen

The USB Stylus Pen

Our 4GB USB Stylus Pen is a unique corporate gift that is very popular with clients.  

This ballpoint pen has a 4GB memory drive and a soft touch screen stylus. This is a great gift that everyone can use. The stylus is great for any touch screen devices, including iPad, iPhone, tablets and touch screen cellphones. 

If you order 200 or more of these awesome Stylus USB Pens you get the special price of R87.98 ex VAT per unit.

That great price includes:

  • FREE Engraving of one logo in one position
  • FREE Metal presentation tin
  • FREE Artwork and Setup
  • FREE delivery to one address in South Africa

This is an unbeatable price, so get your stylus pens now, while stocks last!

Please note that this special is only valid if you order 200 or more units. For standard pricing, please go to

Email us at to order this awesome gift.

stylus pen unique corporate gift idea



End of Year Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients

The Bonaire Notebook and Pen Set

The Beautiful and Bright Bonaire Notebook and pen set available in Cape Town

Our Bonaire notebook and pen set is one of our best, most beautifully designed and cost-effective notebook and pen sets. It is also one of our absolute best sellers, and it's easy to see why!

This notebook and pen set is a great option for corporate gifting or promotional use. It will look amazing with any company name or logo branded on it and the best part: it is also eco-friendly! 

Bonaire Eco Notebook

By using this notebook as a part of your marketing or corporate gifting campaign, you will definitely let your clients know that you care about the environment and they should too. Have a look at some of the awesome features of this stunning notebook and pen set:

Bonaire Notebook & Pen Set (CODE: DORMA NB-9331)

  • The notebook is spiral bound
  • The notebook paper is made from 100% recycled paper
  • There are 80 lined pages in the notebook
  • Our Bonaire Eco notebook set includes a free eco-friendly ballpoint pen
  • This notebook is available in these great colours: Red, orange, blue, black and green

We can brand both the pen and notebook with a lovely print of your company’s name or logo.

This set is stunningly designed, super useful and great for the environment too! What more would you need from a high quality notebook and pen set?

Order your end of year Christmas Gifts now! Email us at:
We have a Cape Town office for easy assistance.


The Balmain Chantily Gift Set

The Cool and Classy Balmain Chantily Gift Set

If you are looking for a super sophisticated, beautifully designed, top quality notebook and pen set, the a great option for you would be the utterly stylish, Balmain Chantily Gift Set

This notebook and pen set is a lovely corporate gift. Because Balmain is such a well known and world class brand, you know that you are getting something special.

Balmain Chantily Gift Set Notebook and Pen

Your clients will definitely be highly appreciative of such a lovely and thoughtful gift.

The Balmain Chantily Gift Set (CODE: DORMA NB-9339)

  • This set includes a custom Balmain notebook and pen
  • The pen’s barrel is made from brass and has a gloss lacquered coating. The clip, tip and the trim of the pen is mad from polished chrome
  • The notebook is A6 size. It has a beautiful simulated leather cover and features 80 lined pages. At the back of the notebook, there is a small pocket in which to store business cards or notes
  • Our Balmain Chantily set is presented in an exquisite custom Balmain gift box. The gift box has a stunning metal plate on the front for branding

We can brand the notebook and pen with your company's name or logo. We can also engrave your client's name on the metal plate on the gift box.

This truly is a stunning gift to give. It exudes class and style and is sure to be a hit with your clients. Please note that the pen and notebook colour is black.

Contact us at to order this amazing gift set.



The Lovely and Super Useful Thermal Mug

The perfect product for winter.

With winter in our midst, we can only expect her to bring more of her icy chills.
A great way to keep the cold at bay is by refreshing both body and mind with a lovely, warm cup of Joe.

Let winter work for you and incorporate an amazing, useful thermal mug into your marketing and promotions campaign!

At Brand Innovation we have the perfect thermal mug for you our absolutely awesome, vibrant silicone grip, Thermal Mug.
We love this mug for many different reasons and so will you. But one of our foremost reasons for loving it is that it is eco-friendly!

Code: Amcam 68657

Thermal Mug Travel Mugs Cape Town

Our Thermal Mug is perfect for any kind of promotional use. They will be perfect marketing tools to us at:

  • Conferences and conventions
  • Charity promotional events
  • Outdoor sports events (especially during winter)

These thermal mugs will be heartily appreciated by your clients. They are great for keeping coffee cosy and can be used over and over again.

Because they are so reusable and recyclable, our amazing Thermal Mug is eco-friendly, too! They are lovely to use and the planet definitely approves. These mugs are also an excellent way of showing your clients and the rest of the world that your company firmly supports the green initiative. This is definitely a win-win situation for everyone (and everything) involved.

We know that by now you are thoroughly excited about our glorious thermal coffee mug so please allow us to give you the details on this magnificent mug:

  • It is made from white ceramic
  • Our Thermal Mug has a super handy, non-spill silicone lid and a silicone grip section. This also prevents it from burning your fingers!
  • It can old a mighty 400ml
  • This mug is also presented in a great box which makes it perfect for corporate gifting too

Everybody loves a warm drink in winter. A thermal mug will keep your clients' favourite drink warm and with a branded mug, they'll have you to thank.

We can brand our thermal mug with a stunning print or your company's name or logo.

By including this wonderful mug into your promotional campaign, Mother Nature's winter chills will be kept at bay but she will sure be happy about this eco-friendly product!

Contact us today to order this tantalizing thermal mug:
We supply these awesome ceramic thermal mugs in Cape Town and throughout the Western Cape.



The Versatile VIP Notebook

A very useful and classy corporate gift option.

Our VIP notebook is a classic, classy and captivating notebook that will make any person using it truly feel like a VIP!


This VIP notebook is a very popular choice when it comes to notebooks. It is a wonderful item to use a corporate gift, because of its super stylish look.

  • Similar to a Moleskine notebook
  • Great price!
  • Excellent value!
  • Has back pocket for notes
  • Has elastic band around the notebook

The thing that sets this notebook apart from any other notebook is its cover. This exquisite notebook has a beautiful soft cover that gives it an edge over other notebooks. The cover is made from soft polyurethane (PU).

A5 Notebook Code: Amcam 2763603

soft cover notebook classic

A5 Notebook Code: Amcam 2763603

However, the cover is not the only thing that puts this notebook in a league of its own. It has many other fantastic features, including:

  • Our VIP notebook contains 160, beautifully lined pages
  • All 60 of the pages are perforated. If you have written down something important or wish to give your details to someone else, you can simply tear the page out
  • For extra loose pages or other important documents, this VIP  notebook has a super handy back pocket at the back here you can simply slide in any extra pages
  • To keep this notebook neat and tidy and to prevent loose pages from falling out, our VIP notebook also features a lovely elastic closure
  • You can always have a pen nearby with this notebook, as it also has a handy pen loop
  • This notebook is available in A4, A5 and A6 sizes

Giving a gift like our VIP notebook is sure to leave a lasting impression with your clients. Speaking of impressions, when this notebook is branded with your company name or logo, your company will also leave an impression on your clients and they will definitely become conscious of your brand.

At Brand Innovation, we can brand these lovely VIP notebooks with a printed, engraved or embossed logo or name of your company. We supply these awesome notebooks in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

An amazing notebook like this will be a perfect corporate gift. Our VIP notebook is super classy and elegant, and is sure to reflect your company in the same light.

To order these stunning notebooks, please send us an email at:



USB Stylus Pens Cape Town

Brand Innovation supplies the latest corporate gift gadgets.

If you are looking for some innovative, new corporate gift ideas, look no further. The USB Stylus pen is a trendy new gift idea. This is a very useful 3 in 1 ballpoint pen, 4GB USB flash drive and soft rubber stylus for touch screens.


Touch Screen Stylus Pen and USB South Africa

Stylus Pen South Africa Cape Town

This USB stylus pen is the perfect office gift and can be engraved with your company name and logo. This pen is presented in a metal tin gift box. To order your USB Stylus pens in Cape Town, please email us at

For more information on the stylus usb pen please go to:

We look forward to assisting you with your great corporate gifts in Cape Town.


Golf Shirt Suppliers Cape Town

We are a corporate clothing golf shirt supplier in Cape Town.

Brand Innovation supplies a great range of golf shirts in Cape Town, South Africa. Our golf shirt range include well known brands like Slazenger golf shirts, Cutter & Buck golf shirts, Gary Player golf shirts and more. For our full range of golf shirts please go to


We also brand these golf shirts with embroidery. An embroidered golf shirt is a very popular corporate clothing option. To order your golf shirts in Cape Town, please email us at

Golf Shirt Suppliers Cape Town


Parker Jotter Pens Cape Town

We have a great range of new Parker Jotter Pen colours.

We are a corporate gift supplier of Parker Pens in Cape Town, South Africa. The Parker Jotter pen is most well-known Parker pen worldwide, and it is now available in a range of special new colours. These special colours are:green, light blue, pink, yellow and ivory.


We can brand these Parker Jotter pens with an engraved logo on the stainless steel part or a colour print on the plastic part of the barrel. Make your clients feel special by giving them a Parker Jotter Special Colour pen.

Parker Jotter Special Colour Pens

To order your Parker Jotter pens please email us at For more Parker pens please go to


T Shirt Suppliers Cape Town South Africa

We are a supplier of T Shirts in Cape Town.

Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of printed t shirts in Cape Town, South Africa. A branded t shirt is a fantastic promotional gift for the summer season. T Shirts are worn daily and a shirt printed with your company logo will is great for brand exposure. Anybody will appreciate receiving a t-shirt. To order your T Shirts in Cape Town, please email us at


T Shirts Cape Town


Parker Pens Cape Town South Africa

We are a premier supplier of Parker Pens in Cape Town.

Parker Pens suppliers Cape Town, South Africa - Parker Pens are one of the most famous pen brands, known worldwide for stylish and high quality writing instruments. A Parker Pen is a gift that anyone will appreciate and remember. Our Parker pens can be engraved with your company logo and makes fantastic corporate gifts. We have a range of beautiful corporate gift Parker Pens to choose from. To view our Parker Pens please go to


Parker IM Stainless Steel Gold Trim Ballpoint Pen

The Parker IM pen is a classic Parker pen that combines functionality and simplicity. The Parker IM SS GT Ballpoint Pen has a beautiful polished stainless steel barrel, accentuated with gold trims. This is a very classy pen and makes a great executive gift.

Parker Pens IM SS GT Ballpoint Pen

To order your Parker IM pens please email us at


Phone Car Charger Cape Town

We supply these car chargers in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our great Car Chargers make the perfect corporate gift for clients on the move. These handy mobile phone chargers have attachements for the iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia and most digital devices. This great car charger is perfect for branding with your company logo.


Car Charger for iPhone and other

To order your great Car Chargers in Cape Town, please email us at


BIC Stic Pens Cape Town

BIC Pens Suppliers in Cape Town.

We are a premier supplier of BIC Pens in Cape Town, South Africa. Promotional pens and printed pens are fantastic marketing products. The BIC Stic pen is a worldwide favourite. This BIC pen is available in a range of barrel and cap colours. This pen is branded with a 1 colour print in 1 position.


BIC Stic Pen

BIC® is a trademark of BIC Graphic and use herein is by permission from BIC Graphic.

For our full catalogue of BIC pens, please go to We supply BIC pens in Cape Town and throughout South Africa.


Branded Caps Cape Town

Branded Caps Suppliers in Cape Town.

We supply branded caps in Cape Town South Africa. A branded cap makes a fantastic promotional product and makes a great part of a company uniform. We supply and brand a range of beautiful caps in Cape Town and throughout South Africa. Our branded caps are embroidered with your company logo. The New Jersey 6 Panel Cap is a stunning cotton cap with an adjustable velcro strap and contrasting colour piping. To order your caps please email us at


Branded Caps Cape Town

For more branded caps and other corporate clothing options in South Africa please go to We supply branded caps in Cape Town and throughout South Africa.


Drawstring Bags Cape Town

We supply these fantastic printed drawstring bags in Cape Town.

A drawstring bag makes a great promotional giveaway item. These drawstring bags are very popular. We have a range of bright and colourful bags that are perfect for printing with your company logo. A printed drawstring bag is a useful item that your clients are sure to use.

Drawstring Bags Cape Town

To order your promotional drawstring bags, please email us at We supply these printed drawstring bags and branded string bags in Cape Town, South Africa.


BIC Grip Roller Pens Cape Town

We supply promotional BIC pens in Cape Town.

BIC Grip Roller pens are fantastic promotional pens. These BIC pens are sleek and classy and make great corporate gift pens. Personalize these pens with a print. The BIC Grip Roller pens are fantastic rollerball pens that write very smoothly.


BIC Grip Rollerball Pens

We supply BIC Pens in Cape Town and throughout South Africa. For more BIC Pens please go to


Long Handle Cotton Shopper

We supply eco friendly shopping bags in Cape Town.

The Long Handle Cotton Shopper is a very popular eco friendly shopping bag. This bag is made of renewable cotton and is a bag for branding with your company logo. Giving an eco friendly shopping bag is a great way to show that you support eco living.


CODE: Amcam 62164

Long Handle Cotton Shopping Bag

We supply these great eco bags in Cape Town and throughout South Africa. To order your long handle eco shopping bags please email us at

If you are looking for more eco friendly shopping bags or eco friendly products in Cape Town please go to


Digital Photo Frame Keyring

We supply Digital Photo Frame Keyrings in Cape Town.

Our digital photo frame keyring is a unique and fun corporate gift idea. This digital photoframe makes a memorable gift to give your clients. The Digital Photo Frame Keyring is a great way to keep your loved ones close. Simply upload a range of photos and the digital photo frame keyring will play them in a slideshow. You can brand these digital photo frame keyrings with your company logo.


Digital Photo Frame Keyring

To order your Digital Photo Frame Keyrings please email us at We deliver these corporate gift keyrings door to door to any address in Cape Town and throughout South Africa.


T-Shirt Printers in Cape Town

We supply you will al your printed t-shirts in Cape Town.

A printed t-shirt is arguably the best marketing product. A t-shirt is something that every one can wear and will appreciate receiving. Having your company logo on a t-shirt means that your brand name will be seen by hundreds of people every time it is worn.


A printed t shirt is a very effective way to draw attention to a brand, product or message. The print area of a t shirt provides you with the opportunity to create a message with a lasting impression.

We supply and deliver these great printed t-shirts to any address in Cape Town and throughout South Africa.

To order your printed T-Shirts please email us at

Printed T-Shirts


Credit Card USB Cape Town

We supply credit card USB flash drives in Cape Town.

The Credit Card USB is a innovative and unique corporate gift flash drive. This USB flash drive is shaped like a credit card and fits into a wallet, purse, handbag and business card holder. The Credit Card USB is a great marketing product. This flash drive can be branded with a beautiful full colour digital print.


We deliver these great Credit Card USB drive door to door to any address in Cape Town and South Africa. To order your Credit Card USBs please email is at

For more great memory stick and USB flash drive options please go to

Credit Card USB Cape Town


Waterman Pens Cape Town

We supply Waterman Pens in Cape Town. The Waterman range of pens is exlusive and highly valued. A Waterman pen makes a great corporate gift that your clients will never forget.

The Waterman Expert Deluxe Black Ballpoint Pen


The Waterman Expert Deluxe Ballpoint Pen is a stunning pen of timeless design.

Waterman Pens Waterman Expert Deluxe

Each Waterman Pen is presented in a beautiful Waterman Pen box.

Waterman Pen Gift Box

To order your Waterman pens please email us at For more great Waterman pens or other great corporate gift pen please go to


Parker Pen

We are a supplier of Parker pens in Cape Town, South Africa. The Parker Urban pen is a very fasionable and modern pen. This Parker pen is suited for everyone and makes a fantastic corporate gift. The Parker Urban Fashion Blue ballpoint pen is a great pen to engrave. The blue pen barrel engraves in a golden brass colour that contrasts beautifully with the blue. This great gift pen is presented in a Parker Pen presentation box.


Parker Urban Blue Pen

To order your stunning Parker Urban Fashion Blue Pens please email us at


Promotional BIC® Lighters Cape Town

We supply Promotional BICLighters door to door to any address in South Africa.

A promotional lighter is a great way to market your company, and with BIC lighters you can be sure you are getting the best. BIC lighters are SABS approved and dependable.


Promotional BIC Lighter Sale

The BIC® Slim Light Blue Lighter is currently on special. This BIC lighter includes a one colour print in one position. Order your BIC Slim Lighters while stocks last.


BICMaxi Lighter

The BIC Maxi lighter is a very popular promotional lighter. These ligters are printed with your company logo and makes a great promotional gift. These great lighters are available in the following colours; white, red, black and dark blue.

For more promotional lighters please go to To order your Promotional BIC Lighters please email us at


Parker Pens Cape Town

A gold pen makes a fantastic luxury corporate gift. Gold is a precious metal and a sign of prosperity, success and extravagance. The Parker IM Gold Gold Trim ballpoint pen is a great corporate gift pen. This pen can be engraved with your company logo.

For more Parker pens or corporate gift pens please go to To order your Parker Gold Pens please email us at


Parker IM Gold Pen

Our corporate gift blog will keep you up to date with what is hot and popular in the corporate gift industry. We will also provide you with some great corporate gift ideas.


Parker IM Blue Ballpoint Pens Cape Town

We supply Parker Pens in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Parker IM Pen is our most popular corporate gift Parker pen. The Parker IM Blue Pen is a great Parker pen option with a stunning metallic blue finish. This pen makes a great corporate gift pen and engraved a stunning gold colour. A Parker pen is a highly valued gift that everybody will appreciate. The Parker IM Blue pen is presented in Parker pen packagaing.

To order your Parker pens please email us at If you are looking for other great Parker pens or corporate gift pens please go to

Parker IM Blue Pens Cape Town


USB Flash Drives Cape Town

We are a supplier of USB flash drives in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Swivel USB is our most popular USB. The Swivel USB is a cost effective USB drive available in various memory sizes. This USB is great for branding and an engraved logo looks great on it. The Swivel USB flash drive is presented in a clear plastic case and includes a lanyard.

For more USB Flash Drive options please go to To order your USB flash drives please email us at

wivel USB Flash Drives Cape Town

Swivel USB



Balmain Notebook and Pen

Balmain Gifts Suppliers in Cape Town - The Balmain pen and notebook set is a great exclusive corporate gift. This Balmain gift set consists of a beautiful brass and chrome trim Balmain pen wrapped in genuine leather and a simulated leather Balmain notebook, presented in a gift box.

Balmain Notebook size: 14 ( L ) X 9.5 ( W ) X 1.5 ( H )


Balmain Notebook and Pen Cape Town

To order your Balmain Notebook and Pen please email us at We deliver door to door to any address in Cape Town and throughout South Africa.


Balmain Pens Cape Town

Balmain Pen Suppliers in Cape Town - Balmain Pens are stylish corporate gift pens designed as a tribute to Pierre Balmain. Balmain pens are high quality designed to combine elegance and function. The Balmain Arles pen is a slim corporate gift pen that is also available in an ball and rollerball pen set. This pen has a barrel stainless steel with gloss lacqured coating. Available in blue or black. The clip, tip & lid of this pen is made of polished chrome. Includes a matching gift box.


Balmian Arles Ball Pen and Rollerball Set: PENSET-1609

Balmain Pen Set



BIC Pens Cape Town

BIC® Promotional Pen supplier in South Africa - BIC® Pens are a worldwide favourite when it comes to promotional pens. Here are a few reasons why you should use BIC® promotional pens:


  • BIC® is a trusted global brand and you know you will get great quality pens when you use BIC® pens.
  • BIC® promotional pens can be customized to suit your needs. With the BIC® Stic pen you can choose your pen barrel colour, cap colour and ink colour from a range of available options.
  • BIC® pens are a very cost effective way to advertise your company. Pens are used daily and your company name will be at the forefront of your client's mind.
  • The BIC® Stic pen and the BIC® Stic Round pens are manufactured in South Africa and are SABS approved.

Our best selling BIC® pen is the BIC® Stic Round Pen.

 BIC Pens Cape Town

A BIC® pen makes the perfect promotional product. Order your BIC® pens now.

We look forward to being of assistance.

For more BIC® pen options or other great promotional pens please go to


Key USB Cape Town

We supply these fantastic Key USB drives in Cape Town.  This Key USB flash drive is a unique corporate gift idea. We can brand your company logo on the key usb to make a great corporate gift. The Key usb stick is presented in a plastic case and can fit onto your keyring with the rest of your key. 


Key USB Picture


Notebooks Cape Town

Notebooks in Cape Town, We are the best supplier of notebooks in Cape Town, South Africa. A notebook makes a great corporate gift and is always a useful item to have at hand. We have a range of notebooks available to choose from. We brand and supply these notebooks to any address in South Africa.


The Amcam Notebook

This beautiful  notebook is a great gift idea. These notebooks have a soft PU cover, an elastic closure and a pen loop. With 160 lined and perforated tear-out pages, this corporate gift notebook is perfect for taking notes. This note book is available in an A6,  A4 and A5 notebook size and can be branded with a print on the cover.
This note book makes a great gift set if you include our slimline metal pen.

Notebook Code: AMCAM 27636

To order your notebooks in Cape Town please email us at

Notebook and Pen supplier South Africa

Bonclaire Eco Notebook

The Bonclaire Eco-Logical Notebook is a great eco friendly notebook. These fantastic spiral bound notebooks are environmentally friendly notebooks made with 100% recycled paper. This great note book includes an eco-logical ballpoint pen with black German ink and a writing pad with 80 lined pages. The Bonclaire Eco Notebook is a great option for branding with a print. A printed notebook is always a popular promotional gift idea.

Notebook Code: DORMA NB-9331

To order your notebooks in Cape Town please email us at

Eco Friendly Notebook and pen

Stanford A5 Notebook

The Stanford Notebook is a fantastic notebook. This sleek notebook is a very handy corporate gift and looks beautiful with a branded logo on the cover. The Stanford promotional notebook is avaliable in an A5 size and comes in a variety of colours. This note book includes the white presentation box but excludes a pen. Select from our superb range of pens avaliable and add one to complete this fantastic set.

Notebook Code: DORMA NB-9335

To order your notebooks in Cape Town please email us at

A5 Note Book Cape Town South Africa


BIC Pivo Clip Pens Cape Town

Our promotional pen of the day is the BIC Pivo Clip advertising pen. This plasatic pen is a popular option and because of its elegant appearance it can be used as a corporate gift pen, hotel pen or promotional pen for hand-outs. This classy BIC pen comes with a plastic ring or a metal ring, avaliable brushed chrome, gold or a variety of different colours. Brand thie Pivo Clip pen with your logo and company details.


Bic Pivo Promotional Pens 

The BIC Pivo Clip pen is available in the colours below. You can mix and match your clip, barrel and ring colour.

BIC Pivo Clip Pen colours   

This is a great promotional pen and can be printed with your company logo. Here are examples of the Bic Pivo Clip Pen that Logo Pens branded:

Branded Promotional Pen for SA Rugby

Bergflora Bic Pivo Pen

 BIC PIVO PEN PRICES (per pen, ex VAT)




500 1000 2500 5000 1000
PIVO CLIP R8.90 R8.40 R8.00 R7.60 R7.30


So for example if you order 1000 BIC Pivo Clip Promotional pens your total cost ex VAT will be 1000 x R8.40 = R8,400.00 ex VAT


Our Standard Terms & Conditions Apply


Promotional First Aid Kits for Cars

The Basic Vehicle First Aid Kit is a great promotional first aid kit for cars. This kits contains the basic first aid kit contents, which may be essential in case of emergency. Having a first aid kit in your car is a very important saftey measure that might save your life. Having your company logo and details branded onto these first aid kit bags shows that your company supports the safety of its customers and employees. We supply these fantastic promotional first aid kits in Cape Town. To order your fantastic Basic Vehicle First Aid Kits email us on


To view the full list of first aid kit contents click here

Basic Vehicle First Aid Kit Contents

Netcare 911 Basic First Aid Kit


Printed BIC Media Clic Pens Cape Town

The Bic Media Clic Ball Pen is a very popular promotional pen. This promotional pen can be branded with a printed logo. This great promotional pen has an innovative retracting mechanism and a slim profile design that is very popular. We supply promotional BIC pens in South Africa.


A White Bic Media Clic Pen in South Africa with a red and black print

A Black Media Clic Pen with stunning print

The Bic Media Clic Ball Pen is available in the following barrel colour options; white,black,red,metal and dark blue. You can choose the colour clip and barrel from these colours as well, so you can mix and match! This pen is a very popular option as a advertising pen and is guaranteed value for money.


BIC Media Clic Pens Colour Availability

You can choose your pen barrel, clip and plug colour. The BIC Media Clic Promotional Pen is available in these colours:

BIC Media Clic promotional Pen Colours


BIC Media Clic Pens Printing Specifications

The BIC Media Clic is a great promotional pen and brands beautiful. This pen can be branded on the clip and barrel of the pen. Bellow are the Bic Media Clic pen printing specifications:

Bic Media Clic pan with printed logo


BIC Media Clic Pens Price


Price does NOT include delivery. We do deliver country wide door-to-door. The prices range from R80.00 ex VAT to R189.00 ex VAT per delivery, depending on where you are based.

PRICES (per pen, ex VAT)

500 1000 2500 5000 1000
Media Clic R6.60 R6.10 R5.90 R5.50 R5.20


So for example if you order 1000 BIC media Clic pens, your total cost ex VAT would be 1000 x R6.60 = R6,600.00 ex VAT


Promotional BIC Pens Cape Town

The BIC Stic promtional pen is one of our best promotional pens. This BIC pen is widely used by many hotels, restaurants and corporates in South Africa. A branded BIC pen is a cost effective and long lasting means of advertising your business. Remember, a pen is the best business card.


Bic Stic Promotional Printed Pen

With the BIC Stic Pen you can choose your cap and barrel colour from the options below;

Bic Stic Pen Colours

The BIC Stic pen can be branded with a 1 colour print in one position and is ideal for branding with your business details. Bellow is the printing specifications for the BIC Stic pen:

Bic Stic branding printed pens


Price does NOT include delivery

PRICES (per pen, ex VAT)

  500 1000 2500 5000 1000
BIC STIC R3.15 R2.90 R2.70 R2.60 R2.40


Our standard terms & conditions apply


UNIQUE GIFT IDEA: Digital Photo Frame Keyring

Our digital photo frame keyring is a fantastic new gadget gift from Brand Innovation. This digital photoframe is a very unique gift that is sure to be a great hit with your clients. This memorable gift is a great way to keep your loved ones close. Simply upload a range of photos that you like with the USB cable included, and the digital photo frame keyring will display these images in a slideshow format. You can brand these mini digital photo frame keyrings with your company logo to make a unique corporate gift.


Dital picture frame


Our 4GB USB pen with a laserpointer is a fantastic corporate gift idea. This is a very useful and innovative gift that is sure to be hit. We can brand these great usb pens with an engraved logo and company name. The USB pen comes in a great metal tin box.

usb laser pen and packaging

Engraved USB Laser Pen


Slazenger Clothing Cape Town

Slazenger clothing is a global brand, renowned for its quality sports wear and leisure wear. We brand and supply Slazenger clothing in Cape Town. Our fantastic range of Slazenger jackets is sure to keep you warm this winter.


The Slazenger Soft Shell Jacket is one of our best sellers. This great Slazenger jacket is a stunning, high-quality jacket available in 6 vibrant colours. This softshell jacket is made with a single jersey knit of 100% polyester bonded with 100% polyester micro fleece. We embroider these jackets with your company logo.

Weight 360 g/m2
Sizes Available: S – XXXL
CODE: SLAZ-816 and SLAZ-817

Slazenger Sof Shell Jackets Cape Town


Coffee Mugs and Cups Cape Town

A printed coffee mug makes a great coporate gift. Our promotional mugs and cups include a spoon in the cup handle. These mugs are very popular coffee mugs, and makes a great promotional item that it can be used by anyone. We supply these fantastic promotional mugs in Cape Town. Order your's now at

Promotional Mugs Cape Town

Branded USB Flash Drives

Our fantastic 4GB Swivel USB Flash Drive is a great corporate gift idea. This USB drive comes with a handy lanyard and is presented in a plastic case. We brand these USB sticks with an engraved logo or a printed logo. Giving a USB flash drive as a corporate gift is great idea. Everytime your client uses their flashdrive your company name will be at the forefront of their mind.

wivel USB Flash Drives Cape Town

Swivel USB



Corporate Gift Parker Pens

Parker is a well known, high-quality pen brand and giving one of these pens as a corporate gift will leave a lasting impression on your clients. The Parker IM Stainless Steel Chrome Trim ballpoint pen is our most popular Parker pen. This pen can be branded beautifully with an engraved logo and makes a great exclusive gift. This pen comes in a beautiful Parker gift box.

Parker IM Stainless Steel

Engraved Pen Gift





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