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We supply you with a range of great first aid kits in Cape Town. Below is the top 5 most popular first aid kits in our range.

1. Government Regulation 7 First Aid Kit 

This is a large first aid kit that is suitable for up to 50 people. This first aid kit is perfect for a larger office environment or workplace with more employees. The large Government Regulation 7 First Aid Kit comes in a white metal case that is wall-mountable. Click here to view the standard first aid kit contents, should you require any extra contents we can manufacture to need. To order these great first aid kits email

Gov Reg 7 First Aid Kit Cape Town 

2. Government Regulation 3 First Aid Kit

This is a smaller, work first aid kit suited for up to 15 people. It is an ideal first aid kit for a small office or workplace. This great kit comes in a green and white plastic case and can be branded with a company logo. Click here to view the Gov Reg 3 First Aid Kit contents.

First Aid Kit Contents

3. Promotional Basic Vehicle First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit in your car is a very important saftey measure that might save your life in case of an emergency. We supply you with a small, Basic Vehicle First Aid Kit. These promotional first aid kit bags can be printed with your company logo to show your clients that you care.

 Car First Aid Kit


4. Customized First Aid Kits

We manufacture our first aid kits and can make any first aid kit to suit your needs. Our customized first aid kits are very popular. Sould you require any extra contents please just email us.

 Custom First Aid Kit

5. Basic First Aid Kit

The basic first aid kit is a very popular kit in our range of first aid kits. Please note the list of contents in the basic first aid kit. We have stock readily on hand of the blue and red basic first aid kits.

 Basic First Aid Kit

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